The Morning &The Missed Blessing

In the midst of the struggle to open my sleepy eyes a yawn escapes. The comfort of my bed and huggable pillow say, "stay longer." I stretch and relax my body and feel the coolness of the fan blowing cool air on my skin. There lingers a connection of peace and silence between God and me that settles my soul. This moment when nothing exist but He and I. I yearn for this morning of tranquility to last. Yet, minutes later its as if it never happened. Bathroom run, coffee time, busy brain syndrome begins and the hustle and bustle of the house begins. The endless chore list. Oh no! Its trash day, I dash out to put them out only to remember its tomorrow. Horns honking, speeders galore, like robots on the go the dreaded commute begins. Ahh the radio, my time my jam. The job, the demands, the quick lunch prayer and hours later, the dreaded commute begins again. Dinner is a drive thru away and the day begins to end. A little TV, social media and a few calls later its time for bed. The day turns into night so quickly and once again my body sinks into my bed, the coolness of the fan settles me. Where had my day gone? Did I pay the bills? Are the doors locked? Did I feed the dogs? What was it my boss said again? My eyes flutter and drop, a yawn or two escapes and sleep beckons me. Wait, where was God in my day? Oh that's right, I left Him in the morning and traded Him for the hustle and bustle of the day.....

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