Watch me dance within...

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Can your hear the song of your heart? Do you catch the breeze and let go? Do you stare afar wondering if you will ever dance again?

The years have gone by and I am not sure how I arrived here at this time in my life. The rhythm of my heart drowned out by the years of disappointments and hopelessness. My feet dance to the rhythm of busyness, motherhood, marriage, divorce, abuse, homelessness, abortion, addiction....

How will I ever dance again? Is it possible? Can I hope? Yes! I say Yes!

I sit on the sandy beach and quiet the noise within myself and the waves bring me peace as they rise higher and higher. I lift my face to the sun and its warmth gives me comfort. A breeze blows gently around and thru me. The rhythm of my heart is beating.

I rise and slowly I begin to twirl around and around and the sound of the waves are sweet peaceful music to my soul. My feet feel the cold soft sand beneath me. I raise my hands in praise and the beat of my heart gets louder and louder. I am dancing again!

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