Self Discovery - Is that really me I see?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I imagine I am the younger woman that is admiring the beauty in my older self. I tell her how beautiful she looks and how her skin is lovely and her eyes hold the warmth of her heart.

Aging has not been a part of my life that I have embraced well. I want to be 20 years old and wise. I can't help but chuckle at the thought, because most certainly I can't go back.

I believe if I could, many of you would too.

20's was the invisible cape flying days

30's was the family building times

40's was the empty nest and "What if" "Would of" "Could of" "Should of"

50's is "what the heck I am almost half way there" (100 yrs old) "Might as well circle back"

60's I will let you know.

Every time I look in the mirror I see a younger version staring back and saying " Where did the time go? "When did the lines appear? " Why is my neck hanging?" "Is that a double chin? "Where's that box of dye?"

Just keeping it real ladies! This is not a truth for every woman but to many I have talked and shared with, it is. The struggle is real and one we need to talk about more to others.

So, how do I love the me I see at 54 years old? Well, my identity first is in Christ and He is the great Creator of beauty. I am made in His Image and His daughter. Its a daily embracing of theses truths and HIs great love for me just as I am. Its letting go and embracing the me within that intensifies the outward beauty to shine.

I am a rare jewel, uniquely made, one of a kind, loved from above, its me you see!

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