A Certified Life Coach, Consultant for Creative Art Workshops, Author and Founder of Supporting Others As They Rise a 501 (c) 3

Alicia grew up in Hayward, CA. but took a leap of faith and moved to Virginia with her family. She has since traveled from state and loves traveling and discovering new places. She is the mother of three sons, two granddaughters with one on the way and one grandson. She is a survivor of domestic violence, sexual slavery and assault. She has faced many obstacles in her life and gives God the Glory for who she is today and all that she has been blessed with in family and support. She has a heart and passion to walk hand in hand with a woman struggling to rise above her life challenges. Her gifting is coaching, writing, creating workshops for connection, support and healing. She will spend the next years of her life walking in her purpose and Supporting Others As They Rise......

" I Rise each day to discover more of who I am"

What we offer

The Programs & Workshops Available:

  • Self Discovery thru Healing Arts

  • *Legacy of Love is for Mothers of Addicts.

  • Trauma-Informed Care 

  • *Survivors of Domestic Violence

  • *Abortion Healing

  • * Praise & Worship Flag Dance 

  • * Street Ministry


* These Programs are Faith based only.,

We are Advocates for those that are lost and in need of healing, self-discovery tools and coaching to guide them thru it.


We advocate for those who have yet to find their voice!

They Need Your Support Today!


We are Advocates for those that are lost, those finding themselves and a voice for those who have yet to find their voice!

Email: Soar2rise2020@gmail.com

Phone: (209) 596-3004

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